About us

People Make All the Difference

The transformation of organizations and future business models must be defined based on the needs of individuals

Recognising one’s own values and actually living them, creates a solid basis for satisfaction and success.

‍Courage & Curiosity

Courage to strive for the unknown, to acquire fresh knowledge and skills, to step out of comfort zones and learn something new.

Respect & Appreciation

Respect and appreciation for the environment, our fellow humans, and ourselves.

‍Quality & Safety

We define service quality as both the fulfilment of specific requirements and expectations, as well as the integrity and safety of our ecosystem.


Christian Geiger

“Collaborating with clients, developing solutions and the feeling of being able to achieve goals together, give me considerable satisfaction and motivate me in my day-to-day work.

Daniel Schori

To successfully implement client projects, one needs strong procedural and methodological competence, but more importantly, a flair for working with people in a team. At Novacore, I am in my element.

Florian Blank

My passion for technology in combination with my love of social interactions and teamwork is at the essence of my thinking and actions. Developing strong solutions in collaboration with clients and partners is my motivation.”

Christoph Z’Graggen

“In a digitalized world, IT and business can no longer be separated. We endeavour to bring both areas together to create the maximum possible benefit for our clients. We do this with absolute enthusiasm and passion.”

Robert Flückiger

“It’s the exciting social encounters – both privately and professionally – that continually enrich my life. That’s why people – customers, partners and employees – are at the focus of my work and that of Novacore.”